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About Us

Over the years, IMC’s foundries have evolved from humble origins into an internationally recognized industry leader of anode and rod production. Dedicated management teams led the company expansion to a new 160,000 square foot copper and brass mill in the 1990s. Today, the site is an industry beacon, operating an innovative, technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly facility, with space for future expansion.

The customer is always the ultimate focus, which is why IMC’s manufacturing process is engineered to produce hot-rolled and fine-grained copper, which is preferred in end-user processes. Each step of IMC’s high-speed production is closely and continuously computer-monitored, from analytical testing of raw feed, through alloying and at final quality certification. In this way strict customer specifications are assured.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fully anticipate, understand, and execute the needs of our customers; to bring those customers into a business partnership of growth and success, resulting in a larger market share for them and for IMC. Part of our pledge to our customers is the uninterrupted delivery of the highest quality products and services, thereby generating the revenue to best serve their interests as well as the interests of our employees, our shareholders, and the community-at-large.

IMC aims to establish and to maintain long-lasting customer relationships through:

  • Our technologically-advanced processes

  • Our dedication to environmental responsibility

  • Our long-standing ISO9001: 2015 certification

  • Our highly-trained staff

  • Our refusal to accept the status quo

Our $60-million, innovative, highly-automated facility, on a 30-acre site, allows us to offer:

  • The world’s fastest, seamless, vertical up-casting system

  • The ability to meet the growing need for copper electroplating anodes and wire rod

  • The most user-friendly, time-saving packaging in the industry

  • The ability to efficiently supply customers internationally

  • The combination of all these tools, and more, defines IMC as an innovative leader in production technology and sourcing relationships. We are proud of our accomplishments, and proud to utilize them in the building of a solid, forward-looking bridge, resulting in customer partnerships with a broader scope

The Global Leader

More than 50% of our product volume is sold in 40+ countries, primarily utilizing a global network of agents and distributors. Our system of freight forwarders, intermodal carriers and steamship lines give us the worldwide reach needed to put our products in the most demanding end-use applications. It takes experience and expertise to meet the current and future needs of a global industry.


We have specialists able to work one-on-one with customers on everything from special skid designs, to custom chemistry and to unique copper configurations for custom applications.

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